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Learn more about the city of Broadway by reading about the specific demographics and lifestyle that is unique to this city area. This includes local information such as age ranges, population, income, households, schools, search tips, restaurants, shopping, local flavor and more. Knowing the area of Broadway will be essential if you are going to consider renting in Broadway. You can also view apartments for rent in Broadway, NC by clicking the link and search box below.

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Broadway Demographic Information

  • Age Ranges 
    65 & Over:0.00%
  • Population 
    Land Area:0.00 sq mi
    Total Population:0
    Population Density Ranking (National):0
    Population Density Ranking (State):0
    Population Growth Rate:
    Population Growth Rate Ranking (National):0
    Population Growth Rate Ranking (State):0
  • Income 
    Median Income:$0
    Average Income Households W/ Children:$0
    Median Income Ranking (National):0
    Median Income Ranking (State):0
    Average Income Households W/ Children Ranking (National):0
    Average Income Households W/ Children Ranking (State):0
  • Households 
    Married With Children:0
    Married With No Children:0
    Single With Children:0
    Single With No Children:0
  • Schools 
    School District Name:HARNETT COUNTY SCHOOLS
    Student/Teacher Ratio:15.95 : 1

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